Summer Sale Now On!

June 17, 2017

The wait is over - our Summer Sale is now officially on, online and in store! Get up to 20% off new orders, or shop our Clearance section for some amazing deals on ex-display and stock items. If you've been thinking about investing in a designer furniture piece, the Sale period is a great time to do this, allowing you to buy original furniture at a more affordable price. Pop into our London showroom or browse our full collection for inspiration.

You can also take advantage of the fantastic promotions currently offered by Knoll and Fritz Hansen:

Save up to 25% on Saarinen side chairs and armchairs

May 10, 2017


Following a successful run in Spring 2017, Knoll have now relaunched their Saarinen chair promotion to include more fabric finishes and even more generous discounts. You can now get up to 25% off these iconic midcentury chairs. The promotion covers Tulip side chairs and armchairs with seat upholstery in fabric categories G, C or S - including fabrics such as Knoll West, Kvadrat Tonus, Knoll Felt, Kvadrat Hallingdal, Kvadrat Divina, as well as the new Studiotex fabric collections Eva and Opera. The offer is valid when you purchase four or more chairs, and it includes all variations of the Saarinen chairs: with white or black shell and base, and with swivel or fixed seat.


The promotion runs until 31 October 2017 only at participating stores. Get in touch with us for a quote or browse the full Saarinen collection on our website. We have shown a small selection of all the available fabric and leather options, so if you can't find the colour you are looking for, just let us know and we'll forward you the full list. 

Buy the Egg and get a free matching footstool

April 01, 2017

We have some great news for the fans of Arne Jacobsen furniture - you can now get the famous Egg chair with a free matching footstool, upholstered in fabric or leather. The offer relates to any Egg chair purchased between 1 April and 31 August 2017 in any fabric or leather finish. Just add the Egg to your shopping basket, and we will confirm your order to include a free matching stool.


One of the icons of midcentury design, the Egg chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel (now Radisson) in Copenhagen. The Egg is a great statement piece on its own, but the footstool does add a significant level of comfort and complements the chair.


Browse our suggested fabric or leather finishes, or if you cannot find the colour you want, get in touch with us and we will do our best to source it for you. Please note that the fabric and leather swatches shown on our website are just a small part of all the available options.

Choosing a marble table

February 14, 2017

Marble tables are among the most expensive designer furniture pieces you will buy, and it is worth investing extra time in researching all the options, so you can ensure that you will be happy with your choice and admire your table for years to come. Marble is a very durable material, but as with any designer piece, you will need to care for it properly in order to maintain it in perfect shape and be able to pass it on to the next generation.  

When it comes to choosing the marble top of your table, there are a few main points to consider. Marble is a natural material, and it will always vary from slab to slab depending on the part of the quarry that it is currently being sourced from. Even within a single quarry the pieces vary quite a lot. Hues, veins, fossils and distinctive marks are always different. The images provided on our website are just indicative, intended to show what the "average" marble piece of a certain kind may look like. But each marble top will be unique - this is actually the beauty of it. Sometimes you will have just a few large, dramatic veins, and sometimes the veins will be more subtle, or more uniformly spread. Knoll don't offer the option of choosing the marble pattern in advance, but they invest huge amount of work into cutting, sanding and polishing the marble to create something that can never be repeated. This is the extraordinary character of stone as a natural material. You could say it feels a bit like getting a puppy - often you don't get to choose the coat of your new puppy, but you inevitably end up loving it in the end. 

The range of marble top options available with most Knoll tables (arranged from least to most expensive) include Arabescato, Statuarietto, Nero Marquina, Calacatta, Brown Emperador, and Verde Alpi. White marble used to be a part of this range too, but Knoll have recently discontinued it. 

Arabescato (pictured below) is perhaps the most popular marble finish for the Saarinen and Florence Knoll tables, and it is also what most people imagine when you say "Saarinen Table" or "Tulip Table". Arabescato is a white marble with grey veining. The hue and pattern of the veins varies from piece to piece, but in general the Arabescato veins are mid- to dark grey.

Statuarietto marble (below) is the newest addition to the Saarinen collection, introduced in 2015. It is a white marble with very subtle light grey veins, more uniformly distributed on the surface. Statuarietto is similar in look to the Carrara marble available with Knoll US. 

Nero Marquina is a rich black marble with random white veins. 

Calacatta marble has a white/ivory background and veins that can vary from yellow to green with hints of red and brown. Calacatta is a bit similar to Arabescato and Statuarietto marble, but has a more creamy background and generally more brownish-grey veins. 

Brown Emperador has a dark brown background with random light brown and white veining.

Verde Alpi (below), as the name suggests, is a green marble, with hues varying in tone and intensity. Verde Alpi is the most premium marble in Knoll's collection.

Verde Alpi marble

All genuine Saarinen tables produced by Knoll Europe are made in the original Knoll factory in Italy. You might notice that Saarinen tables in other parts of the world, like the United Stated for example, are available in other types of marble, such as Carrara, or Grigio Marquina. The marble options outlined above are the only types currently offered by Knoll Europe.

All Saarinen tables come with four different layers of transparent polyester coating, which protect the marble from use-associated stains. The coating creates a non-porous surface to prevent the table from things like food stains or liquid spillages. The protective polyester coat may change colour slightly over time. You might still want to use coasters and place mats, and make sure to wipe any stains or liquids as soon as possible, but the protective polyester coating will help minimise any potential damage.

Caring for your marble table is easy. As a day-to-day care, the marble tops should be cleaned with lukewarm water. For more stubborn stains, you can clean more thoroughly with a non-abrasive solution, then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Never use steel wool or other abrasives on marble, and never use any sort of organic solvent (like alcohol, benzene or acetone). 

Even with the protection of polyester coating, marble should not be left outdoors. If you would like to use your Saarinen table outdoors, you might want to consider the Outdoor version with a white acrylic top.

The coating comes in two different finishes - classic (shiny) and satin (matt). Both of them are equally good and offer the same quality of protection, so at the end of the day it is just a matter of personal choice whether you will go for one or the other. The classic finish has a shiny, almost mirror-like effect, and it looks stunning on a bright sunny day. This is the classic look of the table, the way it has been produced for most of the time since its introduction in 1958. The satin finish has a smooth matt finish, which works well in situations when you might be bothered with the light reflections. In addition, any scratches that appear with use might be slightly less visible with the satin coating, because it is less reflective. If you do get small scratches appearing on your classic coating, don't despair - you can buy a special marble care kit from Knoll, which can help you polish out the scratches quickly and easily.

Knoll offer 5-year warranty on their tables, but from our experience, these tables can last for several decades. Saarinen, Florence Knoll and Platner tables are great products to invest in, and their value often does not decrease with time, but vice versa. 

For a list of available marble tables in stock, check our Clearance section, or if you can't find the size you are looking for, check out the Round or Oval versions of the Saarinen table and get in touch with us for a quote.

Great savings on Tulip chairs until the end of March

January 30, 2017

2017 is a big year for Knoll, with Florence Knoll's upcoming 100th anniversary, and the introduction of several new variants to the Avio sofa family, the first sofa system in the Knoll Studio collection.

One thing on their list you wouldn't want to miss is the Spring promotion on Saarinen chairs. You can save up to 20% on Saarinen side chairs, armchairs or stools in selected fabrics and leathers when you order before 31 March 2017. The promotion includes any number of Tulip side chairs, armchairs or stools with a seat cushion, with either white or black shell and swivel base. Upholstery options include the full Kvadrat Hallingdal range, Kvadrat Tonus in red or black, and Volo leather in white, black, or coffee bean. 

The famous Saarinen chair, designed in 1957 by Finnish-born Eero Saarinen, is one of the true icons of the midcentury style, still modern today. "Tulip" chairs, as they are widely known, are suited to both home and office interiors. They can look equally great in a charming period home or in a Mad-Men-style busy office space. Their light, sculptural lines follow the shape of the human body, and offer an effortless sense of comfort. 

Meet Avio: The Ultimate Sofa System by Knoll

January 24, 2017

Designed by Piero Lissoni and launched in Milan in 2016, Avio is the first sofa system in the Knoll Studio collection. With its versatility and its multiple size and shape options, this sofa can help interpret and make better use of any space. Avio is perfect for those who appreciate elegant design, but are also looking for comfort.

The sofa took Lissoni years to perfect, but it was definitely worth the wait. The secret to Avio's incredible comfort is the way it has been constructed. It is built as a supporting structure: a steel central beam fitted with "fingers" runs underneath it, supporting seats, backrests and tables. Each seat is then attached to the metal structure through an individual frame. The seats and backrest are made of several types of foam with variable density, covered with polyester fibrefills to enhance comfort. You can place the different modules on the "fingers" interchangeably, so the sofa lends itself to many interpretations and configurations, depending on your space and taste. It can accommodate an almost endless number of benches, sofas, chaise longues and beautiful table tops. Upholstery covers are removable, which means the sofa is very easy to care for.

The Avio sofa is the perfect choice for houses or apartments where access is difficult. The sofa comes in individual components and is built once in situ. Perfect for period homes or flats with small, narrow hallways or no lifts. Avio can squeeze through almost any of these! 

In addition to the classic 2-seater, 3-seater, and 4-seater, there is now also a compact version of any of these sizes, which offers slightly smaller width and depth, allowing you to be more flexible with your space. 

Thanks to its modern, clean lines, Avio is suitable for home or office interiors alike, and it looks equally great in leather of fabric upholstery.  

Piero Lissoni is an Italian architect and designer specialising in contemporary furniture and lighting design. His minimalistic style, epitomised by the Avio sofa, is characterised by clean lines and uncluttered design, centred around a balance between tradition and modernity. In Lissoni's own words, with his work he is trying to cultivate "the art of understatement".

Avio corner sofa with integrated coffee table 

 Avio 3-seat sofa in Venezia leather

 Avio 3-seat sofa in fabric

Winter Sale Now On

December 22, 2016

Our Winter Sale is now on!

Save up to 20% on new orders, or check out our Clearance section for some great bargains on ex-display and stock clearance items. Browse our newest products below, or use the "Shop" menu above to browse by furniture category. 

Some of our highlights this holiday season include the two new Limited Editions from Vitra: Eames Lounge chair in Twill fabric and Grand Repos in Nobile. Both are available to order only until the end of January 2017 with selected retailers. Also, if you buy an Eames Lounge chair or a Grand Repos in any configuration, you will receive a free Nelson Ball Clock in cherry worth £257. The offer is valid until 31.01.2017 while stocks last.

Avio Sofa designed by Piero Lissoni (and depicted in the photo) is the new addition to the Knoll sofa collection, available with upholstery in fabric or leather. Avio is a new, contemporary and versatile sofa system which epitomises a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle and helps you make better use of any space. A two-seat Avio is on its way to our showroom and will be available to try from mid-January.

New Limited edition Eames Lounge chair in Twill and Grand Repos in Nobile

October 13, 2016

This winter Vitra are introducing two exciting new limited editions of two of their bestselling lounge chairs - Eames Lounge chair in Twill fabric and Grand Repos in Nobile. Both chairs are available on their own, or with a matching ottoman. The limited editions are only available until the end of January 2017 with a few selected Vitra retailers, and we are proud to be one of them.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of production of the Eames Lounge chair in 2016, Vitra are now offering this fabric-covered version of the iconic chair. Also great Christmas gift for all the vegans who have always hankered after an Eames Lounge chair! The price of the fabric version is 22% less expensive than the leather version, so this is also a great way to save while buying an original designer piece. 

Nobile is a soft velour fabric, which combines a luxurious shimmering lustre with the warm tactile qualities of wool. The limited edition comes in a choice of three deep winter colours: ivy, bordeaux and dark blue. The Nobile fabric gives the Grand Repos a classic aura, recalling the sophistication of grand hotel lobbies and traditional clubs in Paris, London and Vienna. 

To complement these two special editions as the perfect gift this Christmas, Vitra are also offering a free Nelson Ball Clock in cherry wood worth £257 with each purchase of a Grand Repos or Eames Lounge Chair, in any finish. The free gift offer is valid until 31 January 2017 while stocks last.

Eames Lounge chair in Twill fabric

Grand Repos in Nobile fabric

Frost Chair wins an award in the Restaurant and Bar Product Design Awards

August 22, 2016

The Stouby Frost Chair designed by the Danish design duo FurnID has won the Armchairs category in the Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards 15/16. 

The jury consists of a panel of twenty-eight of the most influential hospitality designers worldwide, including Glenn Pushelberg, Steve La Bouchardiere and Tim Mutton. 

Frost was described by the jury as a "very sexy chair with its dramatic lines. It looks beautiful, and is one of the few chairs that you just have to try."

The funky Frost chair includes an upholstered shell with a removable seat pad and legs made of solid oak. The chair's design with its bold silhouette includes clear references to contemporary Danish furniture design. Frost is equally suitable for the contemporary home, restaurant or hotel space. 

The award-winning Danish design studio FurnID consists of furniture designer Bo Strange and industrial designer Morten Kjaer Stovegaard. Their style is characterised by a combination of modern aesthetics and classic Scandinavian design elements. 

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is an internationally recognised competition for the design of food and beverage spaces, which has attracted over 5000 entries from the UK and 70 other countries in its eight-year-old history. The show attracts some of the best product designers, judges and hospitality operators, including Tom Dixon, Foster & Partners, and Gordon Ramsay. This year's Awards ceremony will be held at The Old Truman's Brewery in London on 29 September 2016.

Saarinen Tulip Tables in stock

August 01, 2016

We currently have seven Saarinen Tulip tables in stock, ready for immediate delivery. The tables are all brand new; two of them have been displayed in our showrooms for a couple of weeks, and the rest are still boxed. Beat the Knoll factory shutdown and get your Saarinen table straight away. Order by Sunday, 7th August, in order to take advantage of our Sale prices.

Choose between the following sizes and finishes - all of them come with a white base:

  • Saarinen Tulip Table Oval 198 x 121cm Arabescato marble top, satin (matt) finish
  • Saarinen Tulip Table Oval 244 x 137cm Arabescato marble top, classic (shiny) finish
  • Saarinen Tulip Table Oval 244 x 137cm White laminate top
  • Saarinen Tulip Table Round 120cm dia, Arabescato marble top, satin (matt) finish
  • Saarinen Tulip Table Round 120cm dia, Arabescato marble top, classic (shiny) finish
  • Saarinen Tulip Table Round 120cm dia, Statuarietto marble top, classic (shiny) finish
  • Saarinen Tulip Table Round 137cm dia, Arabescato marble top, classic (shiny) finish


Please get in touch with us for a quotation or if you would like to see a photo of the table you are interested in.

Statuarietto is a new finish for the Saarinen collection. It was introduced in 2016, although it has been available as a standard with the Florence Knoll tables for a few years now. Statuarietto is a white marble, with subtle light grey veins.

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