Real Vs Fake

Whilst searching for your favourite designer piece of furniture you will probably notice the huge price variation between suppliers. It may be tempting to pay in the region of £600 instead of £6000 for an Eames Lounge chair, for example. But you would almost certainly be buying a copy. Does this matter? Well it depends on your point of view. If you want to enjoy its every detail on a daily basis you may well feel let down in buying a copy. And if you want to keep the chair in your family for many years and pass it on to future generations, a copy is unlikely to be for you - it's unlikely to last the distance! An authorised version is made by trained, dedicated craftsmen and will last a lifetime. This is combined with product guarantees as well as the availability of parts and a repair service if required further down the line. A copy is an unauthorised version, made with inferior materials and without the designer's permission. If you want a design classic which is built to last, buy authentic and you won't be disappointed.

Barcelona Chair

Bertoia Chair

Fritz Hansen

Eames Lounge Chair

Tulip Table

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