Fritz Hansen

On all upholstered furniture there is a Republic of Fritz Hansen label to guarantee that it is an original. This "label of origin" creates added value to the furniture and even includes the year the product was manufactured. This measure took effect in 2006.
All pieces are labelled Fritz Hansen. All the most exclusive new Fritz Hansen furniture also has a unique number engraved in the frame when it leaves Fritz Hansen; the number is replicated on a card, which you will receive with your new furniture. Fritz Hansen are taking steps to try to protect their customers should it be stolen. This is regrettably no guarantee that the furniture will not be stolen. However, should this happen (and once you have notified your local police), we recommend that you register your stolen furniture on Fritz Hansen's website. If somebody attempts to resell the furniture, a potential buyer will be able to check on the website whether the furniture has been reported stolen and act accordingly.

To view the Fritz Hansen range please go to our Fritz Hansen section.

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