Some New and Some Interesting Products

This blog post is mainly focussed on showing you some new pieces of furniture that has been released this year, or maybe some existing pieces that perhaps you didn’t know about!! Enjoy!

Fauteuil direction chair and Compas Direction table, designed by Jean Prouve, 1951 & 1953. Vitra

These items recently became available in July, 2013. The well-designed chair allows for comfortable seating by it’s sister-desk the compas direction. Very elegant and sturdy, this chair will last decades, if not, centuries!

The Compas Direction table compliments the chair well due to the shape of the legs and it’s overall design. Can be customised also in many different colours for the legs- from Japanese red to Ecru.

Prices start from £1392 for the Fauteuil direction and £1656 for the Compas Direction.

Eames lounge chair & ottoman in deep black: Charles & Ray Eames, 1956, Vitra

We all know how popular the Eames lounge chair and ottoman are. (Nearly) everybody has one and they are seen in all different upper-class lobbies and offices worldwide. The lounge chair has become such a statement piece that it is recognisable by even those who do not know what it really is.

If you have been considering buying the Eames lounge chair & ottoman, then why not invest in a deep black version? You will be the first to own such an exquisite piece, released just this year, available from July, 2013.

Go on, be different!

Prices start from £4350 for the lounge chair on its own.

As a set: £5919.00

Platner lounge chair & coffee table, Warren Platner, 1962. Knoll

The Platner collection sadly goes unnoticed when people are interested in Knoll. However, is it probably the most elegant construction of welded vertical steel wire rods that I have ever seen or known. Much nicer than any other design. The Platner collection oozes complete elegance and professionalism.

Complete with a Platner dining table, coffee table, side chair, coffee table and even a stool - this collection is so varied and wonderful, its difficult not to mention how great it is.

Incredibly durable pieces, they will not disappoint, of course you must like steel-wired designs though.

Lounge chair prices starting from £3792 in polished nickel. Coffee table prices from £1224.

Eames hang it all – New colours, Charles & Ray Eames, 1953, Vitra.

Yes you read correctly, the historic multi-coloured Eames Hang It All has had a make-over. Well not exactly, it is still available in its original multi-coloured version, but now, for those who never really fancied a rainbow coloured hang-it-all, there are three new colours. Yes three! Red, White and Green. Would it be terrible to say these look even better than the original?

£189 for all new coloured versions.

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