Our new brand Mater launches the Ocean Collection made of Ocean Plastic Waste.

We’re excited to welcome Mater to our collection – a sustainable and innovative brand from Denmark. Lately, we’ve seen several product launches in many industries linked to helping several environmental causes. Mater is one of the latest to take up this challenge.


Mater is a sustainable and ethical brand with a great craftmanship founded in Copenhagen in 2006. Their products combine good design with the latest material innovation and have clear references to Scandinavian minimalism. The name comes from “Mother” in Latin reminding us of the small contribution we could all bring to help the daily challenges “mother earth” faces.


The Ocean Collection, March 2019

Mater’s new Ocean Collection is part of a new innovative business model that is in harmony with the “Blue Planet Effect”. The products are made using a combination of ocean plastic waste (primarily used fishnets collected from the Danish west coast), PP regenerate (mostly recycled plastic from milk transport cases) and a dash of bioplastic charcoal, which adds stability so the plastic doesn’t crack.


The Ocean chair is a reimagined version of the 1950’s archive design by one of the most celebrated duos of Danish design, the late Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel. Originally designed in wood, this new model is suitable for outdoor use and is characterised by a light structure with open slats and a metal frame. It has been designed for disassembly meaning that when an Ocean Chair is at the end of its life, it can be recycled into a new production cycle to create a new chair.


Aligned with the United Nations Global Goals of sustainable and development, the Ocean Collection’s hope is to make a real impact in the industry. Nowadays, we are deeply aware of the environmental issues the planet is facing. Each Ocean Chair uses 960 grams of ocean plastic waste (almost 29 bottles of plastic).


“Our planet is struggling and never before has it been more obvious that we need to take actions to protect our environment […] We are facing a global recycling crisis with waste plastic filling the ocean, being left carelessly on land and blown or washed into the sea. If we can create that attractive, functional and durable, while cleaning up after the side effects of our collective consumerism, it’s a win-win.” Henrik Marstrand, CEO and Founder of Mater.


We’re delighted to add this new ethical brand to our portfolio in line with wellbeing and an environmental commitment. For the launch of the Mater collection, we are offering a 15% introductory offer* across the Mater brand until the end of April. Please use code Mater15 at the checkout.


Check out their products on our website, or get in touch with us for a quote.


*The offer can not be combined with the Couch Club Offer - a 15% off.

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