New Brand: Tai Ping

We are delighted to introduce Tai Ping to our portfolio!

Tai Ping is a long established premium rug brand. For over sixty years, Tai Ping has been creating meticulously-crafted products that are admired and loved by the world's most selective clientele. The story of the brand is unique and reflects a tradition of compassion for employees and community. 

Tai Ping is a brand with a strong commitment to quality, using the finest natural materials including pure wool, silk, flax and linen, which are 100% biodegradable and sourced exclusively from ethical, reputable suppliers. With their active research and development team monitoring technological advancements in yarn preparation, dyeing, tufting and overall product construction, Tai Ping leads the industry in extending product lifespan and reducing environmental impact.



The Birth of Tai Ping from Tai Ping Carpets on Vimeo.

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