Caravaggio Opal Pendant Lamp

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Caravaggio Opal Pendant Lamp

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  • The Caravaggio opal pendant lamp from Lightyears is an eye-catching design icon. Its classic pendant shape consists of a hand blown opal glass shade with a sleek silhouette and a chrome-plated fixture. The Caravaggio lamp casts light downwards, illuminating both the area below and the cable above through an opening at the top of the lamp. The Caravaggio looks great as a single lamp, or can be suspended in small groups for a bigger statement. It emits a lovely warm light, without being dazzling, thanks to its translucent anti glare shade. Please note that lightbulbs are not included. The Caravaggio opal P0 fits G9 max 33W, P1 fits E27 max 46W, the P2 fits E27 max 100W, and the P3 fits E27 max 100W.

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    It comes in four sizes: the P0, P1, P2, and P3, and two cord lengths: 3 metres or 6 metres. All products below are listed as 3 metre cord length, except P3, which comes only with 6 metre cord. 6 metre cord is also available for P1 and P2. Pendant P0 is only available in 3 metre cord.
    Energy label A++, A+, A, B, C, D

  • P0 ∅11.0cm
    Height: 14.5 cm
    Diameter: 11.0 cm
    Cord length: 300.0 cm

    P1 ∅16.5cm
    Height: 21.6 cm
    Diameter: 16.5. cm
    Cord length: 300.0 cm or 600.0 cm

    P2 ∅25.8cm
    Height: 33.7 cm
    Diameter: 25.8 cm
    Cord length: 300.0 cm or 600.0 cm

    P3 ∅40.0cm
    Height: 51.6 cm
    Diameter: 40.0 cm
    Cord length: 300.0 cm or 600.0 cm

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Caravaggio Opal Pendant Lamp

Caravaggio Opal Pendant Lamp