Julia Bleasdale

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"As a professional athlete rest and recovery is a fundamental part of training. With close to 100 miles run per week on top of weight training and drills, it really is important to be a dedicated ‘couch potato’ for a period of time each day!

The Couch Potato Company helped me to design the perfect sofa to optimize my daily recovery routine on the road to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, whilst creating a relaxing and settled environment which perfectly complements the space I had available.

The Fritz Hansen ‘Alphabet’ is both inventive and imaginative - a flexible and modular sofa system that can be tailored to any space or scenario. The layered foam interior is incredibly comfy yet sufficiently firm for times when you wish to work whilst keeping the weary legs up.

I had lots of fun creating the lego-brick-style design in a range of complementary greys of soft divina melange felt; to add a bit of vibrant colour I added a ‘Kermit-the-frog’ green cushion now known to all as Kermit the cushion, which makes me giggle!

Thanks to The Couch Potato Company – you are a vital part of my training team having assisted with my sporting recovery setup!"

Julia Bleasdale April 2015

Fritz Hansen Alphabet sofa
    Divina Melange fabric

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