Tai Ping Abbot Kinney Rug

Tai Ping Abbot Kinney Rug

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    The Abbot Kinney Rug designed by Wrapped is a crossover between art, technology, history and the digital age as it leads us on an imaginary stroll through the streets of LA's artistic and non-conformist Venice Beach district where the designer duo is based.
    This rug is available in two sizes and made from 100% New Zealand Wool. It is a hand tufted rug finished by hand in cut pile. This rug is part of the Guest List Collection from Tai Ping Home.

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    Tai Ping is a long established premium rug brand. For over six decades, Tai Ping has been creating meticulously-crafted products that are admired and loved by the world's most selective clientele.

    Wrapped is founded by Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman on the concept of merging traditional fine art techniques with modern technology. They made it their mission to introduce innovative styles and aesthetics by leveraging their creativity with computers.

  • Width: 170.0 cm / Length: 240.0 cm
    Width: 200.0 cm / Length: 300.0 cm
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Tai Ping Abbot Kinney Rug

Tai Ping Abbot Kinney Rug

From £3,799.00