BULO Skater

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BULO Skater

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  • Inspired by skateboards, Hannes Wettstein designed Skater as a simple and informal seating element. A true mouth-curler for the office or a fun gadget for at home. Material: Finish HPL lily white Visible multiply edges On skateboard castors" "

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    Designed by Hannes Wettstein. Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein was a product designer in heart and in soul. Whilst simple in appearance, his work is the result of a rigorous process of rethinking design: everyday actions and the purpose of things led him to create surprising solutions that stand the test of time.

  • Height: 39.9/46.1 cm
    Depth: 24.7 cm
    Width: 51.6 cm
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BULO Skater

BULO Skater