Eskimo Outline Super Mirror Radiator

Eskimo Outline Super Mirror Radiator

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  • The Outline Super Mirror radiator from Eskimo Design is a simple, refined radiator that is unobtrusive and beautiful. In a reflective surface, it looks less like a radiator, more like a beautiful mirror.

    The Super Mirror is hard wearing, easily cleaned, and the surface is treated with anti-misting technology to ensure a crisp reflection. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, bedrooms, or around the house, this space saving piece combines a mirror and radiator to create a stunning minimalist look.

    This Outline Radiator is an electric radiator. It is high performance, featuring a diverter and low thermal mass for a rapid warm up and low energy use. Its easy to clean surface is uninterrupted by visible controls or complicated wiring.

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    The Outline is available in a wide range of sizes, colours and orientations. From full length vertical columns to long and low under window radiators, it's easy to find the perfect model for your space. Additionally, bespoke sizes can be created to suit your home.


  • Dimensions vary, please see drop down lists, or enquire for help configuring your desired model.
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Eskimo Outline Super Mirror Radiator

Eskimo Outline Super Mirror Radiator

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