Eskimo Outline Electric Supermirror Radiator

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Eskimo Outline Electric Supermirror Radiator

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  • We have a square one in stock with a Programmable control Tyboxand is available now due to a cancelled order. The images are for reference only.

    The Outline Super Mirror radiator from Eskimo Design is a simple, refined radiator that is unobtrusive and beautiful. In a reflective surface, it looks less like a radiator, more like a beautiful mirror.

    The Super Mirror is hard wearing, easily cleaned, and the surface is treated with anti-misting technology to ensure a crisp reflection. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, bedrooms, or around the house, this space saving piece combines a mirror and radiator to create a stunning minimalist look.

    This Outline Radiator is an electric radiator. It is high performance, featuring a diverter and low thermal mass for a rapid warm up and low energy use. Its easy to clean surface is uninterrupted by visible controls or complicated wiring.

  • Dimensions 1050H x 1050 W x 95mm.
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Eskimo Outline Electric Supermirror Radiator

Eskimo Outline Electric Supermirror Radiator