Walkolution MTD900R KYBUN ÄRA (Soft treadmill with desk)

Walkolution MTD900R KYBUN ÄRA (Soft treadmill with desk)

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    The MTD900R Kybun® Ära is the ultra-luxury edition of our popular and widely used Ära series. The incomparable elastic Kybun surface is especially gentle on the joints and gives you the highest walking comfort you can experience on a treadmill. Every step is like a pleasant foot massage. Of course you can also use the treadmill with shoes.

    The freestanding height-adjustable premium desk we manufacture for you on request also in your desired width.

    Protected by international patents.

    Handmade by Walkolution in Germany, protected by our Signature Lifetime-Warranty.

    Includes a signed copy of Death by Sitting. Why We Need A Movement Revolution.

    Manual silent treadmill with freestanding height adjustable desk and the soft elastic Kybun running surface. Design matching the treadmill. The size of the desktop can be selected individually. The treadmill desk is extremely stable and comes with standing aid. Suitable as an active workplace and high-end fitness equipment.


    - Worldwide unique treadmill surface with Kybun covering with elastic properities for excellent cushioning and rebounding.
    - You walk and run as if on a soft forest floor.
    - Trains leg, foot, back, and core muscles, including deep muscles.
    - Protects the joints at the same time.
    - Promotes balance, coordination, and fine motor skills.
    - Also suitable for rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic applications. - Perfected in more than two years of developmental work in close cooperation with Kybun, the Swiss market leader for orthopedic shoes and physiotherapy equipment.
    - Internationally patented.

    The treadmill

    - The first almost silent treadmill in the world (less than 39 dB)
    - Maintenance-free with lifetime warranty
    - Multiple award winning design
    - Works without electricity
    - High quality and sustainable materials
    - Loadable up to 160 kg
    - Usable with shoes or while barefoot

    The advantages

    - For concentrated, creative, and efficient work.
    - Understood intuitively in minutes by any age group.
    - Suitable for home offices, businesses, libraries, and coworking spaces.
    - The speed of walking is determined step by step by the user.
    - The treadmill adapts without time delay.
    - Interval training and sprints are also possible. For this, we recommend the handrail that can be mounted at any time. Available in four sizes.

    Including standing aid

    - For a little rest between tasks.
    - For leaning back.
    - Built-in safety - The treadmill stops and locks in the opposite direction when you lean back.
    - It is never in the way even when you are walking or running quickly.
    - Covered with elastic nylon for a comfortable resting position.
    - Removable at any time.

    Freestanding desk

    - Electrically height adjustable.
    - Depth: 80 cm, width 120 cm, 155 cm or desired width (110 cm - 200 cm)
    - Please specify the desired width in the comments field during checkout.
    - Adjustable depth: the tabletop can be pulled up or pushed away. Lockable if required. Loadable and stable in any position.
    - The A-shaped wooden base ensures rock-solid stability. It is made of the same FSC-certified beechwood as the side parts of the treadmill.
    - Legs made of sturdy and scratch-resistant steel elements powder coated in RAL 9005 jet black matt. Crossbars made of galvanized steel.
    - Two silent motors for continuous height adjustment between 100 cm and 150 cm.

    The tabletop

    - The surface is made of real leather fiber (no artificial leather), No animal must be killed intentionally or additionally.
    - Pleasant fine leather smell.
    - Haptic warm surface for a pleasant feeling while working.
    - Well suited as a base for a mouse or for writing on.
    - Resistant to scratches, fingerprints, household chemicals, and disinfectants.
    - Certified according to Ökotex leather standards without harmful ingredients


    - Four wheels make the treadmill mobile.
    - Easy to reposition.
    - Wheels are lockable.
    - Suitable for stone and parquet floors.
    - The treadmill fits through most doors and in most elevators.

    Production of the treadmill

    - Handmade in Walkolution's own high-tech factory in southern Germany.
    - Only sustainable materials are used.
    - Side panels are milled from solid sustainable beechwood blocks.
    - Running surface made of springy birchwood slats.
    - Coating is scratch resistant and soft.
    - Slats slide on industrial grade ball bearings.
    - Rock solid steel frame inside for safe operation.


  • Dimensions treadmill
    Length 140 cm
    width 64 cm
    Height 27 cm

    Dimensions desk
    Depth 80 cm
    Width 120 cm or 155 cm, or individual width
    Height adjustability 100 - 150 cm
    Depth adjustability (back and forth): 20 cm

    Total weight: 151,7 kg

    Weight of individual components:
    Treadmill: 95 kg
    Desk: 51 kg
    Standing aid: 5,7 kg

    Permissible user weight
    160 kg
  • All Walkolution products come with a lifetime warranty.

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Walkolution MTD900R KYBUN ÄRA (Soft treadmill with desk)

Walkolution MTD900R KYBUN ÄRA (Soft treadmill with desk)

From £9,533.00
120 cm
150 cm
Custom width