Fritz Hansen Table Series - Super-Elliptical (fixed)

    The table series includes the Super-Elliptical, the Super-Circular, circular, square and rectangular tables designed by Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson, and Arne Jacobsen. The most prominent member of the series, the Super-Elliptical table, was inspired by the designer Piet Hein's solution to a traffic problem at Sergels Torg in Stockholm: A super elliptical roundabout. The ingenious shape was conceived in his mathematical mind.

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    This variation of an oval possessed some attractive qualities and looked surprisingly harmonious no matter the size. The formula based shape has no ends and this is why the Super-Elliptical table can be seen as a democratic table where everyone has an equal position. Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen contributed to the base design of all the tables. The tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. With very few exceptions the tables are all available in 3 finishes: laminate, veneer and linoleum. Depending on the shape of the table there is a choice of 3 types of bases: span legs in chromed or satin chromed steel, 4 or 6 star base in satin polished aluminium foot and a satin chromed steel pedestal, or shaker base in satin polished aluminium.

  • B611 Table

    Height: 72.0cm
    Depth: 90.0cm
    Width: 135.0cm

    B612 Table
    Height: 72.0cm
    Depth: 100.0cm
    Width: 150.0cm

    B616 Table
    Height: 72.0cm
    Depth: 100.0cm
    Width: 170.0cm

    B613 Table
    Height: 72.0cm
    Depth: 120.0cm
    Width: 180.0cm

    B614 Table
    Height: 72.0cm
    Depth: 120.0cm
    Width: 240.0cm

    B617 Table
    Height: 72.0cm
    Depth: 130.0cm
    Width: 300.0cm

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B611 / 135 x 90 cm
  • B611 / 135 x 90 cm
  • B612 / 150 x 100 cm
  • B616 / 170 x 100 cm
  • B613 / 180 x 120 cm
  • B614 / 240 x 120 cm
  • B617 / 300 x 130 cm
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