We Love Amex!

Hello guys, just a quick post to let you know that we love American Express cards and we are happy to accept them in our store without a processing fee! We all know that Amex gives its members great benefits for using their cards, and we appreciate that paying with your Amex for our products will also count towards your amex member points! Happy Spending!!!

Weekend at Mason & Objet with Wewood

We are enjoying helping out the Wewood stand at Maison & Objet in Paris. We are the UK distributor for this Portugese company which makes stunning wooden pieces from solid oak and walnut.  There has already been a great reaction to the products, especially the two desks.

Some New and Some Interesting Products

This blog post is mainly focussed on showing you some new pieces of furniture that has been released this year, or maybe some existing pieces that perhaps you didn’t know about!! Enjoy!

Fauteuil direction chair and Compas Direction table, designed by Jean Prouve, 1951 & 1953. Vitra

These items recently became available in July, 2013. The well-designed chair allows for comfortable seating by it’s sister-desk, the Compas direction. Very elegant and sturdy, this chair will last decades, if not, centuries!

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