Authorised Vitra Outlet Polder Sofa - The Pebble Greys

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Authorised Vitra Outlet Polder Sofa - The Pebble Greys

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Designed by Hella Jongerius

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    We have a beautiful Vitra Polder Sofa in "The Pebble Greys" with the armrest on the left sitting right and the button set is light in our London Waterloo showroom. It is in excellent condition and ready for delivery or collection immediately. Please feel free to pop by and take a look.


    In the home country of Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, the word 'polder' refers to low-lying flatlands, typically subdivided into fields for agriculture, which have been reclaimed from the sea by means of dykes and drainage canals. Created with a flat surface and horizontal emphasis that evoke the characteristic features of this type of landscape, the Polder Sofa exhibits an unusual asymmetrical shape and carefully crafted combination of colours, materials and textures.

    The cushions and body of the Polder Sofa are covered with different fabrics in carefully coordinated tones. The four palettes – The Sea Greens, The Pebble Greys, The Earth Reds and The Antarctic Blues – are muted, earthy shades. Thanks to these understated compositions, Polder is perfectly suited to any interior. 

To accentuate these colour combinations, the eye-catching buttons – another special Polder feature – are made of natural materials with coloured pins. One light and one dark set of buttons each form a contrasting addition to the woven fabrics. Like all natural materials, the buttons made from horn or wood exhibit variations in shading, gradient, inclusions, grain, colour and texture, and no two are the same. Embracing such differences within a defined tolerance is an expression of Vitra's sustainable approach to environmental resources. Material that fails to meet our quality standards is of course rejected, but it is the differences that make each button unique..

    Polder exists in two sizes. A low armrest is integrated on one end of the Polder Sofa, while the other is bordered by an adjoining platform that can serve as a storage surface for magazines, books or trays. There is plenty of comfortable space to stretch out and relax

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    Materials: wooden frame; backrest cushions: polyurethane foam with polyester fleece and chamber cushions; seat cushions: polyurethane foam with interactive pocket spring core, chamber cushions and polyester fleece. This version of the Polder sofa comes with the ottoman already included in the price, as it is part of the overall design.

  • Height: 82.0cm
    Depth: 97.0cm
    Width: 260.0cm
    Seat Height: 35.0cm
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Authorised Vitra Outlet Polder Sofa - The Pebble Greys

Authorised Vitra Outlet Polder Sofa - The Pebble Greys